Seattle Dominatrix Ruby and the Odyssey of Depravity

Below is praise from a dear friend, enjoy.

After the event, we hung out for a few hours to catch our breath, with Ruby absent-mindedly tormenting me in-between courses of dinner and conversation in front of a dozen other folks. A nice appetizer as we recovered from the orgy…

We then scampered back to her quite expanded, superbly-appointed dungeon/play area and played until about 4:30am. She is a very gifted lady at sensing your energy and surfing your emotions and excitement – in my case she was able to keep me in a particularly fun state for hours. My memories are fuzzy of some of this period because I was so stoned on endorphins by the end of it, but it was all fun 🙂

We snoozed at some point, and woke up in the morning.

Before we’d really gotten up, Ruby proceeded to gently-but-firmly engage me in a somewhat edgy kink that had me gasping and passing out with pleasure over-and-over. It’s a kink I won’t practice with but a small number of people I deeply trust and who have the skill, knowledge, and strength to pull it off. When I was completely surrendered to it, she leaned over and whispered into my ear “So, tell me what you *really* want today….”. I could not resist the seduction, and confessed a few secret desires. She said “That can happen. Let me make a few phone calls…”

We took a brief pause while she sent a handful of emails/calls off, then we resumed play. Within a few minutes she had responses. “Seems like we’ll have some…guests…arriving to help shortly…”

While we were waiting, she subjected me to an incredibly effective, painful, and cruel massage to address some minor injuries I arrived on-scene with. I still have these sexy and memorably massive bruises from it, and the injured areas haven’t felt this good in years.

But then, the insane fun began 🙂

The first phase was the arrival of her collared personal submissive, a good boy named Blue, bringing us a quite lovely brunch. We set the brunch aside for a bit though, as Ruby led her boy into the Room of Torments, and bound him up in some superb rope (made by Tied And Tangled, I believe). She then indicated he was mine to toy with for a bit, along with her assistance. Well, Blue does everything instructed by his Mistress… no matter how perverted or deviant it is; his sluttiness seems to know no bounds. Or so I was told… So I explored that concept, using some of the simplest cruelest methods… Some of my favorite methods… I recall Ruby looking at me at one point and whispering in mock horror “Are you doing that to him….on purpose???” Moo. Hwa. Ha. Ha.

Some time later, after we’d reduced poor Blue to jello, we set him out as a dining table and had our brunch.

A knock at the door indicated another special guest had arrived, Xander, a Seattle-area kink player and UTR provider. We’ve corresponded off-and-on for years, and we were each surprised to finally meet the other in person, in these circumstances – Ruby hadn’t told either of us who we would be meeting. Thanks so much to Ruby for arranging this real treat!

Xander joined us at brunch for some conversation, then we all moved back into one of the play rooms. Poor Blue was set in a corner to watch and continue to recover, then Ruby said to me “I think I’ll have Xander co-top you with me, sound good?” “Let the games begin” I replied, with perhaps a bit too much enthusiasm and glee in my voice.

Anyways, Ruby’s initial plan barely survived contact with the enemy. About two minutes into the scene, Xander and I abandoned all inhibitions and directions and just went for it. Ruby was trying to distract us with hands and fists and implements in odd places, and kind words, and whatnot, but we were…focused. After a bit I think she just watched in awe, shock, or lust – I really couldn’t tell, I was busy. It was Achilles and Patroclus reborn. Real Clash of the Titans energy.

Xander is skilled, lustful, strong, good-natured, clever, and wicked. He could be my twin brother, if I looked that good 🙂 It was devilish fun to encounter him in the depths of Ruby’s depravity, and I’d play with him again in most any scene. Well done, sir.

I had incredible fun the whole time with Ruby. We had great conversations, great play, good food, fine company, and she tortured out of me some terrible desires and made them come true with seamless ease and grace.

If kinky play ranging from mild to extremely wild is your thing, you should give her a call. She has an uncanny ability to Make Things Happen if you communicate clearly about even your kinkiest desires, and has access to a wide array of resources. She delivers what she promises, and is easy to make arrangements with. To be completely clear, she isn’t a full-service provider (though some of her friends/associates are), so if you want that from her, go to an orgy first to get the idea out of your system 🙂

Thanks Ruby, and to your friends, for the good times!