foot worship

Ass Eating Clip: Only My Number 1 Gets my Ass


“You’ve done such a good job!” Says Mistress Ruby to her favorite slave “As a reward, you get to worship my ass today.” Slurp, slurp, slurp goes his lucky tongue between her perky perfect cheeks. “Mmffpphh Yes Mffpphhistress.” he responds. “Good boy.” She purrs back and petting his head before turning to me then snapping coldly, her demeanor suddenly changing. “As for you… You’re in the corner today. That’s what you deserve, isn’t it?” I shake my head, solemnly. I had disappointed my Mistress, which is something I ought never to do.

She sighs. “You’ve disappointed me, you know.” I hang my head in shame, hearing the lapping and wishing I could be so lucky. “I’m sorry, Mistress..” She is ruthless and doesn’t accept my apology, nor should she. “You better keep quiet, you understand? Don’t disturb me.” Slurp, slurp, slurp. That lapping is driving me crazy, I wish I hadn’t been such an idiot. I wish I could have pleased her. Now she is ignoring me and rightly so, her pleasure is all that matters.

She smiles at me almost to torment me says “Listen to the pleasure this slave is getting..” The wet slurping between her cheeks of his tongue is driving me mad while I sit in the corner where I belong, watching with the head hanging. “While you get nothing.” She grins cruelly “Yeah, you’ll do better next time won’t you?” She turns away and ignores me again and I almost can’t stand it. “You please me so much.” She says to her favorite slave. “Later, I’m going to make you my toilet. All those glorious things that come out of your Mistress, they are going to go right into you. What a wonderful honor to receive my gifts.” He moans with delight.

She turns back to me and shrugs “You know, my heels are quite dirty. They could do with being cleaned. I suppose I could make some use of you after all.”

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Stocking Clip: Silky Stocking Seduction Induction


Silky, smooth, perfect, slick, soft to the touch. Luxe, buttery, seamless. The texture of nice stockings are hypnotic to the touch, up and down, slow circles.. Good boy. Trace your fingers up and down my legs, toe to top and back again. You feel yourself getting sleepy. It feels good to do this, doesn’t it? It’s relaxing. So sleepy… Up and down.. You feel your eyelids closing… Suddenly, you feel yourself drifting into a nice relaxing state of calm. It feels so good to stroke my stockings, doesn’t it? Good boy..
“How does that feel boy…must feel so good, right? You are in complete euphoria right now, all because of these beautiful, silky stockings. Now it’s time to go deeper in the trance. With you on your knees and eyelids completely shut, I want you to slowly raise your nostrils up. Good boy…your nose up breathing in the smell of My dungeon space. Don’t worry boy, it will eventually become a much more satisfying aroma for you. ”
Oh, you are in heaven now boy. Inhale now, suck in the scent of My stockings. Breathe it up like it’s your last breath. You need it…you need it like nothing else in the world. This scent drives you. Not some expensive fragrance, not My pussy or ass, but the scent of My stockings is what you crave.”

“When I count down from 10, it won’t register immediately but eventually you will discover what really drives you. Me, my scent and my perfect feet in my beautiful stockings. Worse yet, you need them and your life is incomplete without them.

You won’t have any remembrance of this session or what I have done to you. When I count down from 10, you will stand up and walk out the door like nothing has happened. For days, you will wander and feel incomplete. After only a few weeks, you will like you are suffering. Again, you will not know why or have any explanation. You will just know you are not satisfied. Then out of the bloom, you will receive an email…from ME w/the subject heading “ONLY FOR YOU”. You won’t know why exactly but it excites you. You click to read it and see it only says 2 words plus a link. The words say “MISTRESS RUBY’S STOCKINGS FOR SALE” and you click the link. The link, will be an ebanned auction site. You find the same silky stockings that were just press against your nose a few minutes ago. It comes with a special message attached saying ‘unwashed since your last session.’

Suddenly, this ad clicks with you. You don’t even look at the ridiculous price or ludicrous shipping amount it will cost to obtain the stockings. You immediately buy them without any reason. You just know you need them and desperately hope they will end your suffering. You know deep down that you will need more and more of them but it doesn’t matter as long as they keep filling the void for a little longer.

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Foot Clip: Mesmerizing Foot Worship Induction


Focus on my lovely soles, imagine how it would feel to have them on your face. Image my toes in your mouth, it would be divine wouldn’t it? You’d love to be under my feet wouldn’t you? Oh yes you would. You can’t deny it. Watch my feet, watch me stretch and wrinkle them. You’ll find it become harder and harder to look away the longer you look. The longer you look, the less you will want to stop. Watch me stretch… You feel your eye lids getting heavy… Soon enough, my pet you will be under my spell. Oh so lovely it is, isn’t it?

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Foot Fetish Clip: Footsie Findom Humiliation

Ugh, more losers. I can’t stand making videos for you worthless little pricks but I guess if I don’t put you in your place then you might some self esteem. We can’t have that, can we? Get back in your little corner, whip out your wallet and start sucking my toes like you were born to do. You’ve been slacking on your tributes and I’m going to fix that. No more of this pitiful $20 bullshit. Start giving me something to remember you by or I won’t waste my time! You better not get any ideas about trying to look up my skirt either, pervert. That’s not for you and you know it. Worthless little fucking piggie.

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