Shoe Worship Clip: Living The Louboutin Life

I wake up every morning, slave, feeling like a Goddess. Not to get something but because I can and because it’s fun to watch you grovel. I don’t care what you think about me. I don’t think about you much at all. Lick my shoes, slave. They’re worth more than your life! They should be cleaned regularly and delicately.. By a mouth. Everything is always about my pleasure, isn’t it slave? Never yours.

A little luxury leather would feel so good in your mouth, wouldn’t in? Leather like this only belongs in the mouth of worthy slaves. Prove to me that you want it. Beg for it, plead for it. Grovel. So, are you special or are you common?

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Trampling Clip: Sharp As Nails

Click, click, click. The sound of the high heels on a cold tile floor, representing your impending doom. You’d better not tremble, as that will just make it worse for you in the end. Click, click, click. Closer and closer. You get a whiff of freshly polished leather. Your Mistress’ new thigh-high Blahnik boots look stunning, like poured liquid over her creamy flesh. “You’re eager, aren’t you?” she asks with a bemused laugh as you groan on the floor, waiting… squirming… panting… The collection of fabulous Louboutin pumps adorning the fireplace behind you set the mood for what is about to take place.

“Click. Click. Click.” states your Mistress, mimicking her boots as she paces around you like a cat stalking her prey. “So sharp,” you murmur with delight and anticipation. “They are,” she replies with a purr. Click, click, click. “Lucky for you, the floor is getting boring to tread upon.” You groan and shudder with delight at the idea of where this is going. “Mistress, you are so beautiful, ” you murmur. Your Mistress slinks past you again and with a smirk of delight and sadistic glee replies “And don’t you ever forget it.”

After a very pointed pause and a devious smirk, she steps towards you with ferocious intent. This can only mean one thing, she is about to crush you into the floor beneath her. Can you endure her weight?