Praise: A Seattle BDSM Dream

Below is praise from a dear friend, enjoy.

OK……so first off I have to say Miss Ruby completely and I mean completely drained me so don’t expect much from this review. She was super easy to schedule with, in call is very nice and she was super pleasant….when I was good. Great to talk with and pulled a lot out of me regarding dark things I fantasize about. At some point, I found my self bound and tied, hanging from her ceiling and being taken advantage of in ways I’ve only dreamed about. I quickly found out the right thing to do was tell Miss Ruby exactly what I wanted, needed and was thinking, denying what I was feeling or wanting was a big mistake. She completely drained me, I’d say go give her a chance, just be open and let her lead. The great part is, I am positive we only scratched the surface and Miss Ruby and I have a lot more work to do, well….mainly me but she’ll be along to teach and lead. Thanks for being who you are and leading me through an amazing evening Miss Ruby. I’m heading to bed with a big bottle of water to dream about the things I need you to do to me in our next session.

Praise: There Are No Words to Describe Dominatrix Ruby

Below is praise from a dear friend, enjoy.

Probably the most intense session of any kind in my life, and definitely a session like no other. I will do my best to describe it, but trust me it was beyond words. If you are interested or you think you might be interested in things Ruby offers, you should see her. She has a way of reading people and giving them what they maybe didn’t know they wanted/needed. She is a very special person and I feel honored to think of her as a friend, if even in this limited and strange context in which we interact.

So some background. I have met Ruby on at least three occasions. First time was at her dungeon lair (see the review), second time was at an LOB event in which we made quite a scene by me taking orders on what exactly she wanted me to do to another LOB participant. So let’s just say Ruby and I get along pretty well.

Although I’m really a novice to BDSM and don’t consider myself that into the fetish, when Ruby suggested that during this session we explore it a little more, I was more than happy to do it. If Ruby suggested I change the oil in my car, I would probably get hard and do it.

She led me into one of her awesome play rooms and I was immediately mesmerized by the various kinky tools of her trade that hung on the walls. I wanted her to use all of them on me. She put a thick leather collar with metal rings around my neck, then matching leather cuffs on my wrists and ankles. When she secured my wrist cuffs to the table I struggled pleasurably against the tension. Soon my legs were tied down as well with just enough slack to thrash and struggle. When she clamped my ankle cuffs to a spreader bar, I knew I was going to be in for a good time.