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My name is Ruby Enraylls and I am a Seattle dominatrix. I used to write frequently but occasionally fall out of practice. This is my sounding board to the world, I would love it if you took a brief listen.
Some topics I like to discuss are:
The BDSM scene in Seattle
The Sex worker scene in Seattle
Human rights
Hacking, Infosec and geekery
Beauty products
Relationships and polyamory
Philosophical reasoning for human behavior
Mental, emotional and behavioral mapping of people
Things that bother me
Things I like
And much more!

Blog: A Dominatrix Guesses Strangers Kinks (Ruby)

Something like six months ago I was in a series couple of videos titled A Dominatrix Guesses Strangers Kinks and Guess My Kink Lineup by Cut. They were created by a Youtube studio called Cut that creates content that creates funny, entertaining, prankish and oddly bias challenging videos. When one of the reps contacted me to do the video, I felt comfortable working with them having had done a couple videos before but I had no idea what to expect this time around nor did I have any idea what would happen as a result of the videos being published. …

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Blog: You’re Not Alone

The holidays impact everyone differently: Some people go into a manic holiday cheer, others wander aimlessly through the swathes of people contemplating their own demise through pounds of festive treats and spiced booze. Personally, I vacillate but I see it all in my friends and my play partners and people tend to be very forthcoming with their feelings during the holidays. It’s interesting what people will tell you and how that makes you think about yourself. Recently someone was talking to me about the shame involved in their own kink and it made me think about how ashamed and alone …

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BDSM Advice: The Ultimate Guide to Drinking Pee

The Ultimate Guide to Drinking Urine Welcome to the Ultimate Guide for Drinking Urine! Clearly I have piqued your curiosity, so here I am going to outline the risks associated with drinking urine and how to avoid them with an eye towards safely receiving your mistress’ gifts. It is very safe to drink your own urine but there are some minor safety concerns involved in drinking another person’s urine. In most healthy people urine is sterile and free of harmful bacteria, viruses, or other substances. Let’s dive in and talk about the details. Why do people want to drink urine? …

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watersports human toilet

Contrary to Popular Opinion

There seems to be a lot of debate about whether or not to punish people who commit social “crimes” in the community right now. Personally, I’m of the mindset that if a legal court and thousands of highly educated minds can’t come up with a good solution for the problem of consent violation then a secret committee of kinky people in Seattle certainly have no hope of finding a solution. I have prided myself on my delusions of grandeur in the past but even I’m not so narcissistic that I hold the belief that I have a one size fits …

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Consent Violation Accusation: The Big Red C

I have violated the consent of others, likely so have you. I am an edge player, that means I coax my bottoms to test their own limits- I do not test them but I give them the opportunity to test themselves and the only guidelines I have for this are what my bottoms tell me is and isn’t okay: Verbally and otherwise. I choose to believe that people are responsible for themselves and their actions. That being said, I am incredibly manipulative and I’m pretty sure I could convince people to change some pretty fundamental things about themselves. I like …

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A Response to a Complaint

What the f is going on with prices I’m not complaining really but holy shit, $300-$400 for an hour and no bbj or dato or daty Some of you providers are fucking smoking something! Oh ya, no reviews on some of them, just crazy That does actually sound like you’re complaining, at least a little. That being said, I know how frustrating it can be to want something out of your budget but that isn’t a reason to insult someone over it. Folks will set their rates at whatever works for them, if they are getting calls then it’s working. …

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With Tears in My Eyes, I See You

The last few weeks I have been extremely focused on expressing kindness and love to others. Unfortunately.. That usually becomes really hard when I go into a depressive slump. Until recently. It dawned on me that sadness, loss, anger, fear, despair, loss, depression, anxiety and all the other negative emotions create energy… And energy exists to be transferred from one place to another. So why not allow that energy to become a channel to another? It usually is a channel anyways but it’s often a negative one. especially when negative feelings are involved. It doesn’t have to negative though… It …

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Alyxe and the Suicide Note

Dear friends, For those of you who don’t know and those who do.. Alyxe, who is very dear to me, had a hell of a rough rough night. She attempted to check out from the hotel of life but thankfully she is okay and in good hands. Things have been difficult for her as of late with the loss of her transportation and raised emotional issues due to hormones and financial problems (which I feel at least partially responsible for.) For those of you who know Alyxe well, you know that it is almost impossible for her to ask for …

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Proper Communication Protocol with Your Mistress

A submissive’s thoughts on proper protocol Introduction to Communicating with my Mistress Mistress Ruby gave me the assignment to write to Her some about how to address your Mistress properly, make requests, share fantasies, and have respectful conversation. Also, i am to include a breakdown of dos’ and don’ts for each topic. She instructed me to have no limit on length, deliver it to Her by the end of the week, and to write it from my standpoint. A few initial thoughts about the assignment immediately ran through my head. First was gratitude, since this is the first writing assignment …

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Confessions of a Glaminatrix

So… I have a confession. I am a beauty addict. No shit, right? I spend entirely too much money at Sephora and Gene Juarez and… I love it. As a kid and a teenager I felt like an awkward duck; Always trying to fit in but hopelessly missing the mark. I felt ugly, strange and like I didn’t belong. Beauty and fashion are a way for me to blend in but also stand out, visibly. On a very profound level, it makes me feel normal because I can look normal but extremely polished. When I’m falling apart, nothing matters more …

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