Clip: Mesmerizing World of Ruby Enraylls

Mesmerizing World of Ruby Enraylls Desc: Welcome to my den, my reality, my world. I am a Goddess among men because I forced a shift to make it so. You can do that too, I’ll show you how. You’ll find that my world is superior to yours because I designed it myself, if you stay long enough you will be infected by my way of thinking and you’ll find your reality shifting. As long as you allow me into your head that is, you do want that, don’t you?

Praise: Mistress Ruby Femdom Extraordinaire

Below is praise from a dear friend, enjoy. There was quite a mental buildup to this meeting for me. Ruby is EXACTLY my ideal woman: tall, long legs, curvy ass and piercing eyes. I knew I would be in trouble as I approached the door to her play space. She opened the door and let me in and immediately felt weak in the knees and knew I was in the presence of a superior woman when my eyes met hers. She had a look that bore right through me and she is exactly like her photos. I’m tall (6’2″) but …

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Praise: A Walk in the Dark

Below is praise from a dear friend, enjoy. I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with Ruby on several occasions. Ruby is exactly who she appears to be – quite beautiful, intelligent, and devious in the best sense. Ruby was my first foray into fetish, and this review covers the second meeting I had with her. The second meeting was more of a fetish role-play session. I’m not going into too many details on this mostly because I think this type of encounter is so person specific that it wouldn’t do much good, but the time I spent with her …

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Praise: Numerous Firsts on May Day

Below is praise from a dear friend, enjoy. One of the reasons I got into the hobby was to have some new experiences and recently I decided to try a fetish session. After looking at a few of the dominas here I decided to have Ruby guide me through this new experience and I could not have been more pleased by the result. Scheduling and directions to her dungeon were clear and easy to follow which is always nice when dealing with the maze that Seattle can be. After the initial greetings we sat and chatted for a bit and …

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Praise: BDSM Dream

Below is praise from a dear friend, enjoy. OK……so first off I have to say Miss Ruby completely and I mean completely drained me so don’t expect much from this review. She was super easy to schedule with, in call is very nice and she was super pleasant….when I was good. Great to talk with and pulled a lot out of me regarding dark things I fantasize about. At some point, I found my self bound and tied, hanging from her ceiling and being taken advantage of in ways I’ve only dreamed about. I quickly found out the right thing …

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Praise: There Are No Words

Below is praise from a dear friend, enjoy. Probably the most intense session of any kind in my life, and definitely a session like no other. I will do my best to describe it, but trust me it was beyond words. If you are interested or you think you might be interested in things Ruby offers, you should see her. She has a way of reading people and giving them what they maybe didn’t know they wanted/needed. She is a very special person and I feel honored to think of her as a friend, if even in this limited and …

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Praise: Long Overdue

Below is praise from a dear friend, enjoy. What can I say, I’ve been a bad boy. Ruby is one of my favorite obsessions…I love her attitude and approach. She is very good at what she does and she genuinely seems to love what she does. This was my second time seeing Miss Ruby and I again opted for a hypnosis session. After being hypnotized, I was bound and restrained and Miss Ruby proceeded to push my limits for both pleasure and pain. She really has a knack of knowing just how far to go. After our session ended, we …

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Why Anxiety?

Just now I looked in my fridge to find nothing but fancy noshes and fancy booze which led me to have the strangest “this is my life” moment I think I’ve ever experienced… Upon discovering that I didn’t really have any real food, I thought about the not so inexpensive purchases I had just made in the name of making my space feel more comfortable and I panicked. I literally panicked because I couldn’t see anything really wrong in the direction that my life appears to be going in; I’ve found my rhythm, a good routine, things I love doing …

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A Letter to the Women Whose Husband/Boyfriend is Seeing Me

I realize this is awkward for everyone involved, especially since I’m poly and morally against cheating but I have some things to say; Your husband/boyfriend/lover/whatever saw me, I don’t know if he told you but I’m sorry if he didn’t. It’s not my intention to steal him from you, to ruin your relationship, to hurt you, to hurt him or otherwise cause you harm. Honestly, it’s kind of up to him if he’s going to cheat but I understand if you hate me for it and I respect that; You have a right to be angry. I hope that my …

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