Sexual Energy Exchange; Why I’m a Provider

Over the holidays last year I found myself feeling really weird and grumpy when I went for long periods without playing with anyone. After chatting with Victoria Rage she and I decided that play withdrawal is totally a thing that happens for both of us. I’m thinking that I likely feel bad after going a while without playing (in the hobby and out of it) because it is a source of positive energy for me and it gives me a positive outlet for any negative feelings I might be having. Since discovering this I’ve made a conscious effort to pour any negativity into my play and I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten significantly more happiness out of my play and I’ve felt an increase in my overall well being and ability to connect with people.

Almost without fail, I feel happier and more energized after I play with someone and there is some level of sexual connection. Before I found the hobby, I felt really unstable, prone to depression and honestly really frustrated with myself and others. It felt like I was missing something so I ended up having sex with a bunch of random people, doing porn and engaging in all sorts of self destructive sexually charged behavior that ultimately lead me to exploring the hobby. Initially, I thought of the hobby as something dark, disgusting, shameful and like the bottom of the barrel; Only desperate people with no self respect engage in such activities, right? Well, I was at the bottom of the barrel but to my surprise it ended up being the best thing I could have done for myself.

Being a provider completes me; It gives me an outlet for my frustrated energies and it takes the pressure off of everything else in my life because it’s a HUGE stress relief. I don’t understand it yet but it feels like I need to engage in intimate activities with a variety of people because I feed on that energy. When I was involved with a small number of people, I sucked them dry or I was really pissed off all the time because I wasn’t getting enough energy from them. I guess you could call me a sexual energy vampire.

Being a provider gives me a safe outlet to consume sexual energy (it helps that it’s expected) and to dump negative energy (which is usually all sexual frustration.) I get to set the exchange rate, control the environment, decide the play, set the rules and it provides for me. What could possibly be better?

Why do you hobby/provide?