Praise: My Overnight with Dominatrix Ruby

Below is praise from a dear friend, enjoy.

I recently arranged to meet up with Ruby Enraylls for an entire day and night of fun, leading into an event the next afternoon. We had corresponded about practices and areas of mutual interest and limits ahead of time, and played a bit in the past, so we both agreed we’d likely survive 24+ hours of each other’s company without too much trouble.

This was to be a pretty free-form session, we didn’t have any overarching plan or roles set up.

For such a loosey-goosey plan, it all went wonderfully well! 🙂

I arrived at her place around brunch time. Navigation directions were clear, parking was easy, access was easy. I went in to her fabulous playroom/dungeon space, said hello briefly, then we headed out for a nice brunch and a chat. Ruby is a great social companion, very witty, intelligent, and stunningly lovely and energy-filled, even though neither of us had had our coffee yet 🙂

After brunch, we went back to her place and played…a lot. Mostly in the sensual/exploratory direction. We spent a fair bit of time investigating some unique features/interests/abilities we each have, and it is a blessing to encounter a kindred spirit. She’s very good with “all the things” – it’s well worth your time to simply communicate your interests to her and give her the freedom to brew up something memorable. Ruby *did* take terrible advantage of me when I was in a very mentally receptive space – she hypnotized me and planted a few quite interesting suggestions… (This was consensual, it was on the pre-arranged list of possibilities)

When we came up for air after some hours, we went out to do a little kink-toy shopping at a great shop – it is a pleasure to be able to have frank and detailed discussions of the pros-and-cons of various items with someone who really knows what they are doing. We tried not to shock the tourists in the shop, I’m not sure how well we succeeded.

Ruby chose this portion of our expedition to unveil one of her hypnotic triggers though – the “full body tantric orgasm on command” trigger…. It is rather difficult to do this discreetly in public, just so you know 🙂 She kept using that trigger for the rest of our outing, the wicked lady. On an elevator for a moment, or at a store, or right as a waiter approached to take our dinner order, or … You get the idea. It was a wonderful heady combination of being on a leash, having a remote-control device attached to your fun bits, and being in an anti-chastity device 🙂

After our kink-store excursion, we wandered around Seattle on foot for a while, then went to a great meat-on-flaming-swords restaurant for dinner, where Ruby as I mentioned continued to torment me now-and-then as we were dining. I’m so glad we had a relatively private and shielded booth…

Upon finishing dinner, we headed back to her play space, and played excessively and wantonly 🙂 I think we finally drifted off to sleep around 2am, watching Top Gear and toying with each other. It’s sort of incredibly hot, snuggling up next to a sexy and wicked lady in the depths of a dungeon watching Top Gear. “This car is more fun than the entire French air force crashing into a firework factory.” The only problem is that from now on I’m going to be rock-hard whenever I watch Top Gear.

Up in the morning, we got ready, and headed over to the event, which was a lot of fun in its own right, especially as sensitized to fun as I was from the previous day 🙂 Ruby took great delight during the event in wandering up to me as I was otherwise-occupied, and using various of her hypnotriggers on me, which really was mean, and incredibly hot at the same time 🙂 Well played, Ruby, well played!

I hugely enjoyed my time with her – she’s smart, experienced, sexy, wicked, and incredibly compassionate and caring – odd to say of a “scary domme” perhaps, but I think essential to the practice. She’s easy to spend time with, good at conversation, and enjoyable to hang with in public or private. We had some very detailed and open discussions about some topics that I found hugely therapeutic, and I thank her greatly for that. Based on our play and conversation this time, I would trust Ruby to go to some fairly extreme ends with me, which is not something I trust most people with.

Thanks for the great time Ruby!