I Lost Track of Time in Her Dungeon

Below is praise from a dear friend, enjoy.

Wise choice.

I arrived at her private incall a little late because I was mistaken about the exact area of town her incall was located. She was gracious and understanding, and she proceeded at a very relaxed and unrushed pace. We spent a brief moment getting to know one another before retiring to her chamber. When I have FBSM, I usually let the provider take the lead. I find that giving them too many directions about what I want results in the provider trying to modify her technique from what she is best at to meet what I think I want. I gave her minimal guidance, and she set to work.

She immediately identified some problem areas in my back and quickly traced it to the root of the problem, an old neck injury. I really needed a traditional therapeutic massage as my massage therapist recently relocated to a different state shortly before I aggravated this old injury. I have had several MTs, only a few of which were worth returning to, and only one who was capable of mobilizing my neck correctly. If I lived in Seattle, I would not be looking for a new therapist as Ruby was a match for the best of the therapists that I have seen previously and she worked me over perfectly.

While she was working, we had an enjoyable conversation about experiences inside and outside the hobby. I truly enjoyed chatting with her which is rare for me. I typically prefer quiet FBSM encounters.

I completely lost track of time, and partway through, it seemed like I had already been there for more than an hour. I told her to just take her time working out my muscular kinks and I understood that it might take more than an hour.

She eventually had me flip so that she could work over some of the spots in the front that were holding reflexive tension. She was masterful at releasing the tension from these spots and it was a truly delightful finish.

I roused, groggily, from an endorphin haze to somehow dress and get on my way. Damn if it hadn’t been exactly one hour. How she did that, I will never know. I could have sworn it was at least ninety minutes.

Can’t wait to make the trip back and I will definitely repeat when I can.