Praise: Brunch with Ruby

Below is praise from a dear friend, enjoy.

I was really looking forward to this – Ruby and I had never met, but we had corresponded about shared kinky interests for some time, and this seemed to be a relaxing session format to finally meet in person.

Nerdy and I grabbed some goodies at the market on the way out the door from an overnight we’d just spent together, and headed over to Ruby’s dungeon space.

When we arrived, Ruby and Chayse were both already there, and looking quite lovely, especially at that early hour of the day (well, OK, it was noon, but that’s early for me, and I suspect many of the rest of the folks there…).

We plopped down on some comfie pillows, and had an actual brunch while we all chatted about kink, life, the universe, and whatnot. They mocked me a bit for drinking about a gallon of water and fruit juice, but I had a sneaking feeling that I’d want to be well hydrated… Ruby also while we all were chatting used her quite talented bodywork skills to rip out some tight muscles and adhesions she noticed I had, so I’d be all limber, in case we might play 🙂 By the end of brunch we had relaxed enough that Ruby gave me a tour of her dungeon, which is quite a nice setup, and has some very well thought-out features. It is a versatile and inviting space.

We all retired to one of the play rooms, and the games began.

The night before, Nerdy had come up with the idea of some sort of competition between Ruby and I to see which of us could make our play partner orgasm the most. Nerdy and I paired off against Ruby and Chayse, and the results were incredible. Everyone in that room, myself included, are quite multiorgasmic, and quite loud, and full of energy. Most of us were very empathic, feeding off of and giving back energy. It was stunning. I spent a good bit of time climaxing simply from feeling Chayse’s reactions to Ruby.

When the dust settled, Ruby and I had sort of worn out our partners, and Ruby looked a bit disappointed. She said “am I the only one with any energy left?” I sheepishly raised my hand, to indicate I was perhaps up for more. Her eyes glittered as she snapped on a glove and said “well then….assume the position”. And then she proceeded to do to me basically what she’d just done to Chayse, while I held onto Nerdy as my safety blanket. It is the rare person on first meeting that I will allow to engage in the festivities Ruby unleashed upon me, but having watched her with Chayse I felt perfectly safe and confident in her abilities.

After I could no longer move, we all sort of sat around gently massaging each other and chatting. I am pretty sure Ruby could have kept going another whole day though, she’s a force of nature.

Chayse and Ruby were both fun ladies to get to talk and play with, and I’d happily see them again anytime, for most any sort of scene from kink to vanilla. Great energy from them both, great skills, and very good observation and care of their playmates – everyone played safe.

And Nerdy was so much fun, and it was wonderful that she could set this brunch/kinkfest up on such short notice. When our brunchtime play was done, Nerdy and I returned to her abode, where, honest-to-Crom, we played some *more*, Nerdy having me gently help her try out some fun practices she was interested in. This lady has truly an endless appetite, and is so sex-positive and communicative that it is silly fun to hang out with her and experiment. Speaking of appetite, after all this, we then snuck out for dinner nearby, and then she sent me on my way. If I hadn’t had to be up at 5am the next morning, I think she would have kept me overnight, I don’t think she was remotely done with her “all the thingz” list 🙂

I am sure we will have other opportunities.

Folks, if you get a chance to play with any one of these ladies, take it. Two of them at once would be incredible fun. All three together, well, eat your Wheaties, but boldly leap at the opportunity.