Praise: OMG Mistress Ruby

Below is praise from a dear friend, enjoy.

Communication was super easy through email (which she responds to quite promptly) and before you know it I am at her door and greeted by this lovely vision. We spent the first bit of the session getting to know each other, as this was our first meeting. It quickly became apparent that she and I have a lot of similar interests and enjoy many of the same activities. After getting to know each other a bit I asked if we could use her tub (it is an amazing soaker tub that she did all of the plumbing for herself). So she began to fill up the tub and while we waited she massaged my shoulders. I was very quickly in heaven, she has very skilled and strong hands that quickly found knots that I didn’t even know I had. From my shoulders she moved to one of my arms and we both became engrossed in the sensations. I identify as a switch but primarily a top, mostly because it takes a very strong personality to make me submissive. Ruby has a very strong personality and was bringing my submissive side out of me. We continued to enjoy each other, and I know that I got lost in sensation. By the time my breathing and body finally calmed down the tub was full, but we had run out of time. I will have to see her again and request that the tub be ready before I arrive, because it took a while to fill. I cannot say enough nice things about this wonderful lady, but I guess the biggest compliment that I can give is that I will definitely be back to see her again.

Praise: OMG Mistress Ruby

Seattle Dominatrix Ruby and the Odyssey of Depravity

Below is praise from a dear friend, enjoy.

After the event, we hung out for a few hours to catch our breath, with Ruby absent-mindedly tormenting me in-between courses of dinner and conversation in front of a dozen other folks. A nice appetizer as we recovered from the orgy…

We then scampered back to her quite expanded, superbly-appointed dungeon/play area and played until about 4:30am. She is a very gifted lady at sensing your energy and surfing your emotions and excitement – in my case she was able to keep me in a particularly fun state for hours. My memories are fuzzy of some of this period because I was so stoned on endorphins by the end of it, but it was all fun ๐Ÿ™‚

We snoozed at some point, and woke up in the morning.

Before we’d really gotten up, Ruby proceeded to gently-but-firmly engage me in a somewhat edgy kink that had me gasping and passing out with pleasure over-and-over. It’s a kink I won’t practice with but a small number of people I deeply trust and who have the skill, knowledge, and strength to pull it off. When I was completely surrendered to it, she leaned over and whispered into my ear “So, tell me what you *really* want today….”. I could not resist the seduction, and confessed a few secret desires. She said “That can happen. Let me make a few phone calls…”

We took a brief pause while she sent a handful of emails/calls off, then we resumed play. Within a few minutes she had responses. “Seems like we’ll have some…guests…arriving to help shortly…”

While we were waiting, she subjected me to an incredibly effective, painful, and cruel massage to address some minor injuries I arrived on-scene with. I still have these sexy and memorably massive bruises from it, and the injured areas haven’t felt this good in years.

But then, the insane fun began ๐Ÿ™‚

The first phase was the arrival of her collared personal submissive, a good boy named Blue, bringing us a quite lovely brunch. We set the brunch aside for a bit though, as Ruby led her boy into the Room of Torments, and bound him up in some superb rope (made by Tied And Tangled, I believe). She then indicated he was mine to toy with for a bit, along with her assistance. Well, Blue does everything instructed by his Mistress… no matter how perverted or deviant it is; his sluttiness seems to know no bounds. Or so I was told… So I explored that concept, using some of the simplest cruelest methods… Some of my favorite methods… I recall Ruby looking at me at one point and whispering in mock horror “Are you doing that to him….on purpose???” Moo. Hwa. Ha. Ha.

Some time later, after we’d reduced poor Blue to jello, we set him out as a dining table and had our brunch.

A knock at the door indicated another special guest had arrived, Xander, a Seattle-area kink player and UTR provider. We’ve corresponded off-and-on for years, and we were each surprised to finally meet the other in person, in these circumstances – Ruby hadn’t told either of us who we would be meeting. Thanks so much to Ruby for arranging this real treat!

Xander joined us at brunch for some conversation, then we all moved back into one of the play rooms. Poor Blue was set in a corner to watch and continue to recover, then Ruby said to me “I think I’ll have Xander co-top you with me, sound good?” “Let the games begin” I replied, with perhaps a bit too much enthusiasm and glee in my voice.

Anyways, Ruby’s initial plan barely survived contact with the enemy. About two minutes into the scene, Xander and I abandoned all inhibitions and directions and just went for it. Ruby was trying to distract us with hands and fists and implements in odd places, and kind words, and whatnot, but we were…focused. After a bit I think she just watched in awe, shock, or lust – I really couldn’t tell, I was busy. It was Achilles and Patroclus reborn. Real Clash of the Titans energy.

Xander is skilled, lustful, strong, good-natured, clever, and wicked. He could be my twin brother, if I looked that good ๐Ÿ™‚ It was devilish fun to encounter him in the depths of Ruby’s depravity, and I’d play with him again in most any scene. Well done, sir.

I had incredible fun the whole time with Ruby. We had great conversations, great play, good food, fine company, and she tortured out of me some terrible desires and made them come true with seamless ease and grace.

If kinky play ranging from mild to extremely wild is your thing, you should give her a call. She has an uncanny ability to Make Things Happen if you communicate clearly about even your kinkiest desires, and has access to a wide array of resources. She delivers what she promises, and is easy to make arrangements with. To be completely clear, she isn’t a full-service provider (though some of her friends/associates are), so if you want that from her, go to an orgy first to get the idea out of your system ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks Ruby, and to your friends, for the good times!

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I am Grateful for Dominatrix Ruby

Below is praise from a dear friend, enjoy.

Ruby’s world is one about which I’ve been curious but never ventured into. Until last week. Her posts with the wonderful photos of her told me that it was time.

Looking at pictures of Ruby with a leash or riding crop in her hand is exciting but doesn’t tell the story of what a very nice, very bright lady she is. I am very grateful that she allowed me a glimpse of her world as a dominatrix and gave me an experience I’ll long remember.

I am Grateful for Dominatrix Ruby

Praise: Ms Ruby & her girlfriend

Below is praise from a dear friend, enjoy.

Our session was very relaxed. After we caught up and swapped horror stories Ruby gave me an excellent massage while we chatted and I got to know her girlfriend a but better. Once the true play began with Ms Ruby directing the fun, I got to get a peak into her dominant side more than I have in previous sessions. Ms Ruby knows im a bit on the shy side and has mostly kept our visiys strictly sensual, but seeing her get to be dominant with Ms our guest i got to see her true passion come out. side come out. I opted to watch and enjoy the show as I was exploring the dynamic between the two, but I’m sure if I’d wanted to get more deeply involved she would’ve welcomed it.

I hope I get back to see her again this summer, every visit with her is a treat that gets better every time.

Praise: Ms Ruby & her girlfriend

I Lost Track of Time in Her Dungeon

Below is praise from a dear friend, enjoy.

Wise choice.

I arrived at her private incall a little late because I was mistaken about the exact area of town her incall was located. She was gracious and understanding, and she proceeded at a very relaxed and unrushed pace. We spent a brief moment getting to know one another before retiring to her chamber. When I have FBSM, I usually let the provider take the lead. I find that giving them too many directions about what I want results in the provider trying to modify her technique from what she is best at to meet what I think I want. I gave her minimal guidance, and she set to work.

She immediately identified some problem areas in my back and quickly traced it to the root of the problem, an old neck injury. I really needed a traditional therapeutic massage as my massage therapist recently relocated to a different state shortly before I aggravated this old injury. I have had several MTs, only a few of which were worth returning to, and only one who was capable of mobilizing my neck correctly. If I lived in Seattle, I would not be looking for a new therapist as Ruby was a match for the best of the therapists that I have seen previously and she worked me over perfectly.

While she was working, we had an enjoyable conversation about experiences inside and outside the hobby. I truly enjoyed chatting with her which is rare for me. I typically prefer quiet FBSM encounters.

I completely lost track of time, and partway through, it seemed like I had already been there for more than an hour. I told her to just take her time working out my muscular kinks and I understood that it might take more than an hour.

She eventually had me flip so that she could work over some of the spots in the front that were holding reflexive tension. She was masterful at releasing the tension from these spots and it was a truly delightful finish.

I roused, groggily, from an endorphin haze to somehow dress and get on my way. Damn if it hadn’t been exactly one hour. How she did that, I will never know. I could have sworn it was at least ninety minutes.

Can’t wait to make the trip back and I will definitely repeat when I can.

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Praise: Hypnotized by Ruby

Below is praise from a dear friend, enjoy.

I saw that Miss Ruby was visiting from Seattle and jumped at the opportunity to see her. I have always been curious about Hypnosis, and in reading Miss Ruby’s writings, this is one of her specialties. So the day of we decided on a little role play to start things off (I was the flower delivery guy that she just had to rape)…she answered the door in a bathrobe, we had agreed that she would wear a sexy outfit underneath but to be honest, I can’t remember if she did or not… I was transfixed with her eyes. Even behind her glasses, Miss Ruby has beautiful beautiful eyes (which is a huge turn-on for me). Gentlemen, her pictures do not do her justice…she a gorgeous creature! I was led up to the bedroom…(after getting properly tied up) … I won’t go much into all of the details but I did want to say that I was skeptical about being hypnotized going into the session… I had never been hypnotized and really didn’t know what to expect. Even while I was being hypnotized I was skeptical…because it’s not like you fall asleep and then wake up later…I was still conscious through the whole thing. I thought I was in control but she would touch my arm and say “freeze” and my arm was frozen…she would count down from three and I would orgasm (I don’t think I have orgasmed more in a session… EVER!) and she didn’t touch me.. I have never experienced anything like it ever before! I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Miss Ruby and would see her again in a heartbeat. I hope she plans on visiting Portland again soon or else I will need to make the trip to go see her.

Praise: Hypnotized by Ruby

Praise: My Overnight with Dominatrix Ruby

Below is praise from a dear friend, enjoy.

I recently arranged to meet up with Ruby Enraylls for an entire day and night of fun, leading into an event the next afternoon. We had corresponded about practices and areas of mutual interest and limits ahead of time, and played a bit in the past, so we both agreed we’d likely survive 24+ hours of each other’s company without too much trouble.

This was to be a pretty free-form session, we didn’t have any overarching plan or roles set up.

For such a loosey-goosey plan, it all went wonderfully well! ๐Ÿ™‚

I arrived at her place around brunch time. Navigation directions were clear, parking was easy, access was easy. I went in to her fabulous playroom/dungeon space, said hello briefly, then we headed out for a nice brunch and a chat. Ruby is a great social companion, very witty, intelligent, and stunningly lovely and energy-filled, even though neither of us had had our coffee yet ๐Ÿ™‚

After brunch, we went back to her place and played…a lot. Mostly in the sensual/exploratory direction. We spent a fair bit of time investigating some unique features/interests/abilities we each have, and it is a blessing to encounter a kindred spirit. She’s very good with “all the things” – it’s well worth your time to simply communicate your interests to her and give her the freedom to brew up something memorable. Ruby *did* take terrible advantage of me when I was in a very mentally receptive space – she hypnotized me and planted a few quite interesting suggestions… (This was consensual, it was on the pre-arranged list of possibilities)

When we came up for air after some hours, we went out to do a little kink-toy shopping at a great shop – it is a pleasure to be able to have frank and detailed discussions of the pros-and-cons of various items with someone who really knows what they are doing. We tried not to shock the tourists in the shop, I’m not sure how well we succeeded.

Ruby chose this portion of our expedition to unveil one of her hypnotic triggers though – the “full body tantric orgasm on command” trigger…. It is rather difficult to do this discreetly in public, just so you know ๐Ÿ™‚ She kept using that trigger for the rest of our outing, the wicked lady. On an elevator for a moment, or at a store, or right as a waiter approached to take our dinner order, or … You get the idea. It was a wonderful heady combination of being on a leash, having a remote-control device attached to your fun bits, and being in an anti-chastity device ๐Ÿ™‚

After our kink-store excursion, we wandered around Seattle on foot for a while, then went to a great meat-on-flaming-swords restaurant for dinner, where Ruby as I mentioned continued to torment me now-and-then as we were dining. I’m so glad we had a relatively private and shielded booth…

Upon finishing dinner, we headed back to her play space, and played excessively and wantonly ๐Ÿ™‚ I think we finally drifted off to sleep around 2am, watching Top Gear and toying with each other. It’s sort of incredibly hot, snuggling up next to a sexy and wicked lady in the depths of a dungeon watching Top Gear. “This car is more fun than the entire French air force crashing into a firework factory.” The only problem is that from now on I’m going to be rock-hard whenever I watch Top Gear.

Up in the morning, we got ready, and headed over to the event, which was a lot of fun in its own right, especially as sensitized to fun as I was from the previous day ๐Ÿ™‚ Ruby took great delight during the event in wandering up to me as I was otherwise-occupied, and using various of her hypnotriggers on me, which really was mean, and incredibly hot at the same time ๐Ÿ™‚ Well played, Ruby, well played!

I hugely enjoyed my time with her – she’s smart, experienced, sexy, wicked, and incredibly compassionate and caring – odd to say of a “scary domme” perhaps, but I think essential to the practice. She’s easy to spend time with, good at conversation, and enjoyable to hang with in public or private. We had some very detailed and open discussions about some topics that I found hugely therapeutic, and I thank her greatly for that. Based on our play and conversation this time, I would trust Ruby to go to some fairly extreme ends with me, which is not something I trust most people with.

Thanks for the great time Ruby!

Praise: My Overnight with Dominatrix Ruby

Praise: Ruby is a Gem!

Below is praise from a dear friend, enjoy.

I had been an admirer of Ruby- who wouldn’t be? She’s got that sultry siren of the silver screen look and everything she writes indicates she is a warm and intelligent person. Set up was easy. I emailed her about the kind of session I desired. The day of the session she wasn’t feeling well and wanted to reschedule. We couldn’t find a date that worked so she said she’d rally. And she did. I was glad. When I got to her place she was dressed to the nines. Smoking hot. We got into our session that had some roleplay She took my cues and played it up perfectly. She is super insightful and read my desires well. After the session, we talked about her incall that she designed and remodeled herself. The place is beautiful, detail oriented, well organized, sensual, and luxurious- like Ruby herself. I feel like I just experienced a fraction of what this complex beauty has to offer, but I enjoyed our time immensely and hope to lose myself in her beauty and charm again.

Praise: Ruby is a Gem!

Praise: Hypericin Loves Ruby

Below is praise from a dear friend, enjoy.

As ever, I was shy and awkward when I met her, but she was very adept at putting me at ease. If *I* can feel at ease within minutes of meeting her, I think you can safely say your first time jitters won’t be an issue. She is very smart, funny, and even a bit goofy, a welcome change from some other dominas who take themselves all too seriously. And, pictures truly do not do her justice; she is beautiful, to the point where I had a hard time keeping from staring at her (Ruby, I hope this wasn’t *too* creepy!!))

Soon we were wrestling, which is what I had in mind for the session. Right away, it felt easy, fun, natural, and very arousing. Wrestling fans, take note: this girl is *strong*! You wouldn’t know it looking at her, but… I am a tall and fairly strong guy, and in the past I would let my wrestling partner win. This wasn’t necessary with Ruby, and in fact she was a bit irritated when she noticed me doing that. I will have to bring my “A” game next time, because this time I was thoroughly (and happily) defeated.

Then, with as little warning as “I usually do what I want…”, she led me to her play room, and tied my hands together, and my leg to the ceiling, so that I was completely at her mercy.

I am grateful for the time I got to spend with this Amazon. What I think is the most valuable of what she brings to the table is her willingness to engage and connect with her victims. She genuinely enjoys what she does, as opposed to some others, who are basically pandering to fetishes for pay. This results in a mutual and intimate shared experience, one which I am looking forward to repeating. Thanks Ruby

Praise: Hypericin Loves Ruby